Looking Up

Posted by Eric Hoheisel, Sr. Pastor on Friday, August 16, 2013

Last night, about 11pm, our family piled into the car in search of a shower….the Perseid Meteor Shower. We drove out Route 70, unsure if we should even proceed.  Was it too cloudy? Should we even bother?  We stopped at the Ponzio’s parking lot to check.  Was it all light pollution or clouds as well?  Hard to tell.  Seeing three dim stars, we decided to press on. We drove past Medford and turned off on a side road near the Lebanon State Forest.  Stopping along the side of a road next to a field, we got out.  Most of the sky was still cloudy, but there was an open space in the north where stars could be seen.  We fixed our eyes on that spot.  In quiet, with ever increasing stiff necks, we gazed, searching for the distinctive streaks of light produced by pea size space rocks burning up in our atmosphere.  I saw one almost immediately.  Then, slowly, one by one, each of us caught a glimpse.  Will was the most patient and the last to see one almost 30 minutes after we began looking.  The rest of us were ready to get back in the car, but at the last possible moment, a tiny light streaked before his eyes.  Still wanting more, but satisfied, we climbed back in the car and headed home.

 In life, it takes a little extra effort to find the fingerprints of God.  Sometimes the clouds of hardship and the glare of the world makes us want to quit before we start.

 Press on. Find a quiet place. Stop. Look. Listen.  It may take a while, but a tiny streak of light might just appear and remind you that God is not far away.

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Meet Our Sr. Pastor

Rev. Eric Hoheisel Rev. Eric Hoheisel is the Pastor of the Oaklyn Baptist Church in Oaklyn, NJ, and is a past moderator of the Greater Delaware Valley Association of the American Baptist Churches of NJ. Previously he served as the Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Jamestown, Ohio, and as an Interim Pastor at Washington Community Fellowship, Washington D.C. Pastor Hoheisel is a 1995 graduate of Eastern Baptist Seminary (now Palmer Theological Seminary) and a 1984 graduate of Wittenberg University (Ohio). Prior to his service as Pastor, Rev. Hoheisel served as Executive Director of Love & Action, a Christian ministry to men, women and children with HIV/AIDS (1990-1992). There he developed and conducted educational seminars and workshops for churches and helped coordinate a national network of like-minded ministries. From 1987-1990 he worked in Washington D.C. doing urban mission work through Youth with a Mission. At the time he also served on a steering committee for the Congressional Staff Fellowship. Prior to entering ministry, Eric was a Senior Consultant at Booz, Allen & Hamilton in the area of Telecommunications Policy. Pastor Hoheisel has two sons, Will and Luke. His wife, Jennifer, is a Professor of Philosophy at Camden County College. Rev. Hoheisel has a special heart for prayer and spiritual formation issues. He also greatly enjoys finding the connections between spirituality and the fine arts. Pastor Eric conducts a five session workshop on prayer. For more information on this workshop, please contact the church office.