Pick 6: A strategy for spiritual growth in 2013

Posted by Eric Hoheisel on Friday, January 4, 2013

Many Christians do not grow in their faith because they don’t have a strategy… a plan for growth. We make elaborate plans to build decks or open a home business, but when it comes to spiritual growth…well….too many of us just assume “it will happen”. It won’t. As the saying goes “if you fail to plan you are planning to fail.”

As we begin the new year, I have encouraged our church family to participate in a strategy called “Pick Six”….to pick from three to six spiritual exercises they want to undertake during the year ahead. Then, to do them.

If you would like help in creating a REALISTIC plan for spiritual growth, I am available to help.  Email, call or set up an appointment with me….I would be delighted to help you!!!!  This isn’t about new year’s resolutions.  This is about crafting holy habits that are attainable…doable given your other life responsibilities.  But as you craft a plan, note this; the plan will only work: A) If you write it down. B) If your plan is balanced & attainable and C) If you will put it down on your calendar and share it with others who will help you live it out.

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Meet Our Sr. Pastor

Rev. Eric Hoheisel Rev. Eric Hoheisel is the Pastor of the Oaklyn Baptist Church in Oaklyn, NJ, and is a past moderator of the Greater Delaware Valley Association of the American Baptist Churches of NJ. Previously he served as the Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Jamestown, Ohio, and as an Interim Pastor at Washington Community Fellowship, Washington D.C. Pastor Hoheisel is a 1995 graduate of Eastern Baptist Seminary (now Palmer Theological Seminary) and a 1984 graduate of Wittenberg University (Ohio). Prior to his service as Pastor, Rev. Hoheisel served as Executive Director of Love & Action, a Christian ministry to men, women and children with HIV/AIDS (1990-1992). There he developed and conducted educational seminars and workshops for churches and helped coordinate a national network of like-minded ministries. From 1987-1990 he worked in Washington D.C. doing urban mission work through Youth with a Mission. At the time he also served on a steering committee for the Congressional Staff Fellowship. Prior to entering ministry, Eric was a Senior Consultant at Booz, Allen & Hamilton in the area of Telecommunications Policy. Pastor Hoheisel has two sons, Will and Luke. His wife, Jennifer, is a Professor of Philosophy at Camden County College. Rev. Hoheisel has a special heart for prayer and spiritual formation issues. He also greatly enjoys finding the connections between spirituality and the fine arts. Pastor Eric conducts a five session workshop on prayer. For more information on this workshop, please contact the church office.