Oaklyn Community Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry is operated 100% by volunteers. Over the past six years the Food Pantry has grown from a small closet into a 4 room operation. Each month we give out approximately 100 bags of food to those in the surrounding boroughs. Each participant receives two bags of non-perishable food per month. We distribute the third Monday of each month and the next Tuesday.

If you are interested in donating to the Food Pantry or would like information about signing up to receive food, please contact the Food Pantry phone number at  856.803.0570 (leave a message and it will be returned within 48 hours).

Items that we collect are (but not limited to): Mac & Cheese, PB&J, canned veggies, canned fruit, evaporated milk, cereal, soup, canned tuna/chicken, pasta, spaghetti sauce, canned potatoes, rice, pasta sides, stuffing, or basically anything that is unopened and non-perishable.  We do accept other items that we refer to "table top items"  such as: salad dressing, ketchup, granola bars, toilet paper, cookies, jello, coffee, sugar, spices, basically any item in your pantry that is unopened and not expired. If you have sample sizes of unopened formula, baby food, opened packages of diapers, personal hygiene items (even hotel samples or travel size) we can use those too.

If you are unsure if the Food Pantry can use it, just ask! At this time, due to space limitations, the Food Pantry cannot accept donations of clothing, household items or baby gear.

Email: oaklynfoodpantry@gmail.com  Updated Phone as of 10/31/18: 856.895.8801 (Leave a message with your phone number repeated twice) thank you!